The content of a restorative justice conference is confidential but here are some of the comments we received from victims who participated in the restorative justice process;


I felt the meeting was beneficial in that I got to see the offender face to face and express my thoughts and feelings... I had been dreading running into her in the street, and having now faced her that fear has been removed. I came away feeling that a weight had been lifted.


After almost losing my life to him a year earlier, I actually left feeling sorry for him and hoping and praying that he gets through this and has a wonderful future.


Before we got in this meeting I was saying 'Send him to jail'. But now, since we have had this meeting, forget about it. This is not how we are going to heal.

 And from an offender....
I've accepted the things I can't change but changed the things I can. I am now serving three years in prison. I've changed from what I was last time. [Going through the Restorative Justice process] has given me a lot to look forward to when I get out.  


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