Restorative justice gives victims a voice

A restorative justice conference is an informal meeting facilitated between the victim, offender, support people, and any other approved people such as community representatives or interpreters. You’ll have the chance to:

  • tell the offender how you’ve been affected by the crime
  • say how the harm can be put right
  • start dealing with the effects of the crime.

A trained facilitator will make sure you’re safe and supported at the conference and that discussions stay on track. You’ll be encouraged to bring support people with you. Restorative justice takes place before an offender is sentenced in court. Tell your court victim advisor or the police officer managing your case if you want to find out more about restorative justice.

Who provides restorative justice services?

Restorative justice services are run by community-based groups that are contracted by the Ministry of Justice. Māori providers are available in many areas.

The Conference

Restorative Justice conference is an informal, facilitated meeting between a victim, and an offender, with support people, and any other approved people, such as community representatives or interpreters.

Restorative justice is a voluntary process that aims to bring the victims and offenders together to address the harm that has occurred.